Child Abuse Prevention

We are a community of volunteers and social workers who support and educate parents, strengthening families and helping children reach their full potential right ‘where they are planted.’

75% of child welfare cases involve neglect, rather than physical or sexual abuse. Children may be neglected because parents lack the social support, knowledge, and preparation every parent needs to parent well. We focus on developing relationships with families to provide support, education, and preparation. We see stronger, healthy, happy families where children are safe and nurtured at home.


The first steps in preventing abuse are education and awareness. You can be a voice for change! Parents, grandparents, caregivers, students and professionals will find these resources informative. Follow our Facebook page for statistics, fantastic resources, and opportunities for you to stand up for children.

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Use your time to grow a more compassionate community and help children reach their full potential! Committed Volunteers are involved in all service programs, administrative aspects of policy-making, fundraising, evaluation and management. Whatever your skills, we have a place for you! We've made it easy to apply online.

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Your donation directly impacts children’s lives! We accept new and gently used baby clothes, toys, and safety equipment to share with our families. Financial donations can be made securely online. Every dollar you donate directly impacts a family in our program.

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