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We envision a compassionate community where parents have the support they need to provide safe, nurturing homes. We focus on promoting positive parenting skills, helping parents to praise and respect their children, and empowering children to stand strong and respect each other.

Our Clients

We serve the northeast DFW area including East Dallas, Mesquite, and Garland. Each program has a limited number of participants. First-time and teen parents are given priority in most programs. In addition to self-referrals, we receive referrals from community social workers, school counselors, clergy and Child Protective Services. Our programs are currently offered in English.

Over 2,500 parents have participated in a Family Outreach parenting program. These parents report reduced stress, higher confidence as a parent and more enjoyment with family activities.
Family Outreach staff and volunteers have provided home visits for over 5,500 clients.
Over 17,000 school children have participated in the WHO program at school. When children understand personal safety, they are less vulnerable to abuse.

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Parenting Classes

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Children do not come with "how to" manuals, but our parenting classes might be the next best thing...

Parents As Teachers

Need someone to talk to? Home visiting programs provide support and information for parents during the first 5 years...

WHO Program

We Help Ourselves is a national program teaching children about personal safety…

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Your donation promotes positive parenting skills in our community, empowers children to stand strong and respect others, and helps parents learn new ways to nurture and protect their children.